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Daniel Ilabaca + Rollerblade

Updated: Jul 5

Rollerblade is at the forefront and the most established Inline Skating brand to this day. Founded in 1980 Rollerblade withstood the test of time and has recently seen a boom in interest worldwide as a new wave of enthusiasts take to the streets on their inline skates. The brand is currently going through some major changes and Daniel is at forefront of helping to steer the company into a new and vibrant direction.

Daniel's History

Daniel has known of this brand since his early years and is happy to be brought on board as an ambassador for the company since early 2019. The main reason Daniel is excited to collaborate is because Rollerblade is very community driven and passionate about healthy living and lifestyles. They are great at promoting ways of natural movement in a time of mechanical and electrical transportation. With Daniel's 20 years of experience in Parkour he finds this ethos very suited to his own lifestyle.

Daniel comes from a background in figure skating. He transitioned into Inline Skating at the age of 9 years old. He had the potential of going professional but his interests changed as he later discovered the art of Parkour at age 13. Always been physically active from the earliest moment he can remember, his knowledge in movement from inline skating and Parkour have played a part in him travelling all over the world performing, teaching and working as a stuntman in many commercials and well-known films.

Formation of Stunt Camera Crew

Daniel was contacted by a friend Claudiu in the film industry, knowing that Daniel had experiences as being a cinematographer behind the camera and in front. Claudiu asked if he was available to fly to Kiev in Ukraine to be a lead camera operator in an ice hockey commercial shot for Eurosport. The moment Daniel touched the ice, it rekindled a lost passion for the ice rink, which later inspired the desire to hit the streets once again.

This is where the chapter and formation of Stunt Camera Crew began. Having many contacts in the film industry and Parkour, Daniel reconnected with a close friend Will Sutton. Will has extensive knowledge in Parkour and filmmaking with over 15 years of experience and is highly regarded as one of the most remarkable Parkour movers the world has seen. His fluidity in Parkour is effortlessly seen through his navigation of movement as an action cinematographer.

With the combined experience in Parkour, Inline Skating and Cinematography, in front and behind the camera, the formation of Stunt Camera Crew made complete sense when considering the familiarity with the movements they have been practicing for so many years. Knowing that they have an understanding of movement as athletes themselves, it has given them a perspective of what the future of cinematographers will look like 'Samurai Camera Operators'. This is an exciting time for the future of filmmaking.

Reconnecting to Inline Skating

Daniel began researching speed skating, although he comes from an aggressive Inline Skating background, his desire started with the ambition for speed. The thought of going fast through the city streets of London like the fixey bike/alleycat races excited him. Daniel purchased his first pair of Rollerblade Twister 80mm after seeing Rollerblade's athlete Danny Aldridge moving fast through the streets of Barcelona. It wasn't too long before the company and Daniel were in direct contact with one another and thus began a conversation about a collaboration with their top athlete and Daniel to develop a series on Youtube featuring the cross-over of Parkour and Inline Skating. You can find a video here:

The impact of these video series has inspired a new wave of Parkour athletes to consider expanding their overall movement experience and taking up Inline Skating.

What's ahead?

Daniel and Rollerblade are currently in talks about a part 3 with Danny Aldridge having shot the previous videos in Barcelona and London. Part 3 will be shot in the origin place of Parkour - Paris.

The aim is to hold an event that initiates and inspires a new wave of Parkour Rollerblading athletes, considering how complimentary both disciplines are to each other. The theme and reason for being in Paris is to take Danny Aldridge as a representative of the Inline Skating community down memory lane with the origins of Parkour, visiting iconic locations like the Dame Du Lac where founders David Belle and the Yamakasi are known to have originated from. The advantage of this concept is to show the added benefits of Inline Skates as an extension of the individual's ability to get to and from locations that are known for Parkour, while keeping their muscles warm. Rollerblade is planning to supply a rental truck for any Parkour practitioners who are interested in trying out Inline Skating for their first time. From Daniel's own words "I'm grateful to be considered to be a part of inspiring a new generation to share in the memories of my experiences of Inline Skating and how it has benefited my life, both socially and physically".

Action Cinematography, Sports Camera Operating

Because of Daniel's passion for Action Cinematography, Stunt Camera Crew are also beginning to see more and more Indie Pro Filmmakers taking up Inline Skating to improve their production value. Who knows where this could lead?

For a more in-depth background into Daniel's journey into Inline Skating, head over to Rollerblade's blog to read more.



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